Sing festive songs at home – we'll help!

Extend the holiday spirit into the new year and sing along for a feliz navidad!

No-hassle music night

Start singing immediately

No music skills necessary

Instant mood booster

Instant Christmas spirit

How to get started


Find your favorite songs


Download lyrics


Press play and sing along

Get the lyrics in your language


Don't worry about not knowing all the Christmas carols by heart. Here are the lyrics to all of the songs in English from our playlist.


Did you know that caroling tradition in Germany dates back to Medieval times? Access the lyrics to all the songs in German from our playlist.


Don't worry about not speaking other languages. Here are the lyrics to all of the songs in Latvian from our playlist.

Other lyrics

And a little extra for you – sing along some songs in Latin, French, and Spanish as well.

Share with friends, and sing at home!
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A Very Covid Christmas


Look, this year has been tough. 


Despite the limitations, we're convinced that we can make the most of it. And what better way than having all of the ingredients you need for an at-home Christmas carol singalong!


Singing together has an effect of inter-brain synchronicity (matching brainwaves), fostering closeness, empathy, interpersonal communication, and even increasing pain tolerance. For a deeply stressful year, this is exactly what we need. 


Singing, then, is the instant mood booster of the season! 


It only takes two.

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